Old Tree On The Coast - Canvas Art - 22 x 30

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Unique and vivid art.  You can feel the wild magic of this old tree, keeping watch along the coastal path, the smell of the sea mingling with the forest, the sun feeling warm as it falls down your arms. The peace of this place, the beauty of these trees and this sky, filling the wellspring of your heart. 

  • Size is 22 x 30 inches.
  • In a style reminiscent of a watercolor painting, but with a more modern feel.
  • High quality canvas art print - the artwork is wrapped around the sides.
  • Ready to hang on your wall - or you could choose to frame this yourself.
  • Printed after you place your order.
  • Colors are various shades of green, from very dark green to lighter greens, navy blue, sky blue, tan and brown and black.


Artwork usually arrives within 2 weeks - this includes printing and shipping.